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We love Fall.  Colorful leaves, harvest time, family gatherings, and cooler temperatures.  And, of course, our Forrest Keeling Great River Road Chestnut Roast!

Choice nut crops are excellent sustainable farm products and a growing agroforestry industry. Both European and Chinese Chestnut species offer you an excellent production crop for Missouri and the Midwest.

Nutritious chestnuts are encased in a spiny bur that splits open to reveal up to three chestnuts when ripe. Baking or boiling the chestnuts reveals the cream colored nutmeats that are favored by cooks for a wide range of dishes, although the crunchy raw nutmeat is also delicious. Asians and Europeans have driven previous markets. But, American palates are now catching on to the chestnut, especially as demand increases for low-fat, vegetarian options. 

Some of the best European and Chinese Chestnut selections have been produced for you at Forrest Keeling. Combining the best selections with our patented RPM-production method means you'll have earlier flowering and fruiting and better vigor through the life of your trees. 

Join us Saturday, October 18 for our annual Roast!