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Workshops, Seminars, and Festival

Off-site events in which Forrest Keeling participates.


Dr. Gene Garrett, professor and former director of The Center for Agroforestry at the University of Missouri, will provide seminars on a variety of specialty crops at this year's fall chestnut roast. “Many people haven’t tasted fresh roasted chestnuts,” remarked Garrett, “and, they find that they’re very tasty.”  Garrett’s presentations will also feature information on other desirable agroforestry crop species. “Adding one to three marketable agroforestry crops to a farm can create profits from underused acres,” added Garrett. 

See You in January!

Another year has come and gone. The trees in the Nursery are sleeping under cover and the area is begininng to be covered in snow. But, the peaceful quiet is about to give way to the frantic round of January conferences and trade shows. And, we'll be there! Be sure to stop by our booth at any of these trade shows.  See what's new, pick up our new catalog and see our new trade show exhibit.  Check our website Calendar for more events in the following months and we get ready to welcome spring.