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Fall is for planting

Springtime is great for planting, but we here at Forrest Keeling are partial to fall projects for turf grass to perennials to trees and shrubs.

Fall contains all the ingredients for successful planting. The season's still warm soil encourages root growth so the roots of a fall planting continue to grow through the winter until the ground freezes. And, this growth occurs during a time when roots don't have to support growing stems, leaves and new flowers. Spring top growth fills in more rapidly. And by summer, the fall planting is established with a root system that is well-equipped to infiltrate stormwater as well as handle heat, drought and other challenges of the critical first year. Finally, consider fall's characteristic rainfall, fewer pest and disease problems, and the crisp days. Fall is just begging you to come outside and play in the dirt.

Chestnut Roast crowd wowed by Brian Fox

This year’s event was jammed with people and the fruits of fall abundance.  In addition to roasted chestnuts and chestnut products like chestnut beer from Urban Chestnut Brewery, we had wines from Hopewell Winery and samples of delicious foods made with pawpaw and persimmon,” said Wayne Lovelace, Forrest Keeling president.

"Since fall is a great time for planting, we also offered savings on trees and shrubs" added Wayne. "We like to remind folks that when you ‘plant in fall, you gain a year’.  

Forrest Keeling's Chinese Chestnut joins their long list of specialty crop trees and shrubs including pecan, walnut and elderberry.  "Agroforestry is more popular every year," noted Kim Lovelace Young, Forrest Keeling vice-president. "Adding specialty crops adds the potential of supplemental revenue and increases wildlife habitat."

Award-winning author and performer, Brian Fox, was the highlight for many.  His knowledge of human history and wildlife creates a special blend that is always sure to please. "Everyoen loves trees, but they also love a good story," said Wayne.