Forrest Keeling Plants

Better seed sources, better plants

Forrest Keeling specializes in the production of native plant materials of unique quality as well as a full line of popular landscape-sized evergreens, trees, shrubs, ground covers and specimen trees. We take pride in our use of quality seed sources. The original geographic source of seed, also called, provenance, dictates characteristics such as dormancy periods, fruiting, flowering and leafing out, and hardiness. Each Forrest Keeling plant is tagged with tracking information that identifies its provenance. Knowing the plant's provenance helps insure selecting the best plant for your site. Some plants are included in special programs and display that program logo on their plant record. These include the Missouri Botanical Garden-Kemper Center Plants of Merit and Grow Native! programs. The RPM logo with "Wetland Plant, MSD Approved" is displayed on Midwestern plants included in the St. Louis Metropolitan Stormwater Manual and Maryland Stormwater Management Guide. These plants are recommended plants for Midwest wetland projects, appropriate for wetland mitigation, streambank stabilization and related projects. Sort our available plants in our Plant Search. by a variety of qualities including, Special Programs, Attributes, Exposure, or Soil Moisture Preference. Your sorted list can then be saved and printed.