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Learn more about Forrest Keeling's superior plants and their use from our handouts, as well as industry research and articles like these.These resources can guide you in proper plant selection and improved techniques for your projects.

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Bob-White! Invite the Quail Call by Adding Native Vegetation to Your Landscape

Miss the quail call on your farm? Would you enjoy hunting turkey, deer or other game on your property—or just like to create habitat to see and support wildlife? You can do all that and more with the right mix of grasses, forbs and shrubs.

Forrest Keeling Custom Grown Plants

What do you get when you combine your local-origin seed with Forrest Keeling's RPM-production technology? The perfect plants for your special installation in the size you need from plug to caliper size!

Forrest Keeling Perennials

Not all perennials are created equal! Imagine, large, vigorous perennials, blooming in their first season. It's possible with RPM-produced perennials!

Forrest Keeling Walk-A-Way System

Forrest Keeling creates superior trees and shrubs. With our Walk-A-Way system, you can guarantee survival rates of over 90%!

Rain Gardens: Reduce Erosion and Put Stormwater to Work for You

Rain gardens have increased in popularity as a working landscape, or "green solution," especially in urban areas. Learn more from Forrest Keeling on how to create a working rain garden with deep-rooted natives!

Vegetative Environmental Buffers

Learn more about this specialized application of windbreak technology that helps reduce your properties energy cost year round.