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Forrest Keeling gives its RPM-produced plants a special mycorrhizal addition so they grow stronger, healthier and faster.

Plant Search

The quick, convenient way to find the plants you want

Whether you know specific plant species you want, or just know the characteristics you want, our Plant Search feature will help you. Use it to sort listed plants by type, physical characteristics, mature size, preferred site and seasonal color. Or sort by characteristics including drought- or salt-tolerance and food for wildlife. 

Large-scale projects may want to check for a list of species available in bare root format or trees approved for MSD (St. Louis Metro Sewer District) streambank stabilization projects. When you have the list sorted, just save and print!

Then, to estimate the number of plants required for your project, use our plant calculators found in the 'Working with Us' section. 

Forrest Keeling makes it easy to remember--and find!--the right plants for your project!

Download Additional Information

MSD Plant List

The MSD Stormwater Best Management Guide is a collaborative project between the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District, Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri Botanical Garden, Shaw Nature Reserve and Grow Native! Requirements include use of local ecotype (Missouri or Southern Illinois); use of a minimum of five grass/sedge species and eight forb species for each BMP. These species must consist of between 5% - 15% of the total plant count for each BMP.


Plant Type/Program:

Ctrl-click (Mac users ⌘-click) to select multiple types to include in the search.




Check any box below to find only plants having the specific characteristic(s). Otherwise, leave all boxes unchecked to maximize your search results based on the criteria above.


Soil Moisture Preference

Attracts Wildlife

Critter Resistance

Season of Interest (Flowering)

Season of Interest (Foliage)


Foliage Color