Carya ovata

Shagbark Hickory

  • Highly adaptable and easy-to-grow
  • Characteristic peeling bard
  • Height: 60-80 Feet
  • Spread: 40-60 Feet
  • Hardiness Zone: 4-8
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Interesting Notes:

Crushed leaves have a apple scent. A long lived tree. They are considered to produce a lot of 'litter'(bark and nuts) so place accordingly. Host to a rare Hickory Hairstreak Butterfly.

Edible nuts. Wood lends great flavor to barbeque.

Characteristics & Attributes

Full Sun
Partial Shade
Soil Moisture Preference
Attracts Wildlife
Upland Birds and Game
Wetlands and Streambank Stabilization
Interesting Bark
Midwest Native
Shagbark Hickory Carya ovata from Forrest Keeling