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Bucks' Unlimited Oak is a prolific producer of acorns, one of wildlife's favorite foods!

Bucks' Unlimited Oak

The Performance Oak for Wildlife!

If wildlife could, they’d create the BUCKS’ UNLIMITED OAK. This premium-quality, fast-growing swamp white oak selection out-produces acorn production of other oaks by as much as two to one! This special oak also gives:

  • Earlier flowering and fruiting
  • Greater survivability of seedlings (nearly 96% in field trials!)
  • Faster growth on a variety of sites
  • Superior mast production of a wildlife-preferred food source acorn

All important points because acorns are a key component of the diets of nearly all wildlife, including deer, waterfowl and upland game birds.

The BUCKS’ UNLIMITED OAK is produced using Forrest Keeling’s patented RPM-production technology and is available now exclusively through Forrest Keeling Nursery. Only Forrest Keeling’s RPM-production can bring you the best in nursery-produced plant material.  From nature… to us… to you… FASTER!

Bucks' Unlimited Oak, a natural selection of the native swamp white oak, produces wildlife's favorite food... especially deer! Countless observations tell us that swamp white oak acorns are most preferred by White-Tailed Deer over other acorns of other oak species--even white oak or northern white oak! Bucks' Unlimited Oak is the oak that you want planted in front of your deer stand or around your food plot. 

In a research project conducted by the University of Missouri-Center for Agroforestry, eight outstanding swamp white oak specimens were grafted to rootstock and replicated to create 100 trees planted in 2005.  Of those 100, the trees that produced the greatest yields were allowed to pollinate each other to create the strongest, most prolific natural selection, now known as the Bucks' Unlimited Oak.

The Bucks' Unlimited Oak offers consistent annual yields with heavy, early production.  This beautiful, long-lived oak species will develop a stately profile and live as long as 300 years on a variety of sites from upland forests to floodplains.  And, while the main claim to fame for Bucks' Unlimited Oak is its wildlife-attracting mast, this champion will also produce top-quality timber. 

So, you're ready for a large mature stand of Bucks' Unlimited Oak as soon as possible, right? That's where Forrest Keeling comes in!

Forrest Keeling Nursery has the exclusive agreement with the University of Missouri to produce Bucks' Unlimited Oak seedlings with their patented Root Production Method (RPM).  This combines a stellar native selection with the industry's best plant production technique to help you create attract more deer and grow sturdy trees faster and with greater survivability.