Our Mission

Restoring earth's ecosystems one tree at a time'

Forrest Keeling Nursery has devoted the past seven decades to better learn ways our natural environment works and how to best support and protect it. In fact, our Nursery’s vision is reflected in our mission statement: ‘restoring earth’s ecosystems one tree at a time’.  

Our dedication to this mission is reflected in our emphasis on native species in our production, as well as our dedication to sustainability in every aspect of our plant production. 

Commitment to mission is also clear in each step of our patented 12-step RPM production process.   From careful collection and propagation of regionally sourced seed, to propagation in our proprietary soil medium rich in abundant mycorrhizae and microorganisms, to prime seedling selection, root pruning and a final dose of one-year’s slow-release fertilizer before shipping, each step ensures your RPM plants are extra special and destined to grow stronger, healthier and up to two times faster than traditionally produced plants.

Equally important, that special soil media carried by each RPM-produced plant has been found to help improve its planting site’s soil for water and nutrient absorption and overall vitality going forward. Healthy soil nurtures the correct balance of native woodies and perennials, which in turn supports a diverse and appropriate hierarchy of microorganisms, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. 

When you plant Forrest Keeling’s RPM-produced plants, you join us inrestoring earth’s ecosystems one tree at a time’.