Juglans regia 'Carpathian'

Carpathian Walnut

  • Valuable timber tree
  • Good nut production
  • Nuts have excellent flavor
  • Height: 60-70 Feet
  • Spread: 35-40 Feet
  • Hardiness Zone: 4 - 8

Interesting Notes:

The type of relationship between plants, like Black Walnut, in which one produces a substance which affects the growth of another is known as "allelopathy." In fact, Black Walnut is famous for root production of juglone, a chemical that is toxic to some nearby competitor plants. In a woodland setting, very few plants grow under the canopy of this species.

Aside from leaf spot, Black Walnut is virtually disease and pest free. When summer drought occurs, the response of this tree is to begin dropping leaves, in spite of its deep taproot system. The Black Walnut is not the best urban tree because it requires much clean-up from dropped leaflets, dead twigs, stain-laden whole fruits and debris from squirrel feeding.

Carpathian Characteristics & Attributes

Full Sun
Soil Moisture Preference
Attracts Wildlife
Upland Birds and Game
Midwest Native